Eartumpet : Roger Mills, Musician, Composer and Sound Designer


Magpie Films 2009
Director - Paul Misbrener
Music and Sound Design - Roger Mills featuring Mark Francombe guitar.

Following Sydney's Cronulla race riots in 2005, Bloody Beach is a depiction of racial tensions in a small costal town of Australia. After local child surf champion Joey Enoppolouse has both his legs broken in an assault by two youths, the story traces a trajectory of jealousy, pride, revenge and reconciliation as Joey attempts to deal with a life long injury and feelings of retribution in a cinematic short film.


Joey's Theme

Title Theme


A film for multiscreen cinema & spatialised sound.

Directed by John Adams
Produced by Alison Sterling for Ignition Films
Music & sound design by Roger Mills


In a contemporary reading of the Greek myth Orpheus, Hindsight takes the pivotal act of the story and explores relations between identity, image and desire, centered on concepts of the look in contemporary culture. It examines ways in which the act of looking back draws together temporal and spatial relations, exploring the interaction between memory, events and personal records / domestic archives.

It is experienced in an immersive audio visual installation projecting distinct scenarios on to three screens with a fully dircetional spatialised soundtrack. As a research project for the University of Bristol's Film & Television department, its aims were to centralize the spectator, allowing a degree of choice in the selection of events that unfold across and between the screens.


Apartment scene

Tom & Eugene drive from the underworld


12 Days

Film by Koka Ramishvili
Music & sound design by Roger Mills
here nor there 2000

12 Days - Film by Koka Ramishvili - Music by Roger Mills

A short film produced by Georgian artist and filmaker, Koka Ramishvili in Bristol (UK) September / October 2000, from footage shot in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia) December 1999 / January 2000. It was premiered at the Venice Biennale in 2001.

...here nor there... project.