Eartumpet : Roger Mills, Musician, Composer and Sound Designer

Links to interesting people or organisations who I work with or know. .

Clan Analogue is an independant electronic music label based in Melbourne, Australia.

Creativity and Cognition Studios (CCS) is an internationally recognised multi-disciplinary environment for the advancement and understanding of practice in digital media and the arts.

Cyclic Defrost Magazine is Australia’s only specialist electronic music magazine covering independent electronic music, avant-rock, experimental sound art and leftfield hip hop.

blackhole-factory - independent electronic arts group working at the intersection of the performing and audio visual arts, integrating interactive technology and subversive low-tech aesthetics.

Ears Have Ears is a weekly experimental radio show featuring original soundtracks. 9-11pm Thursday nights on FBi Radio 94.5fm

Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs. This is what sets freesound apart from other splendid libraries like ccMixter

Furthernoise.org is an online platform for the creation, promotion, criticism and archiving of innovative cross genre music and sound art for the information & interaction of the public and artists alike.

Here Nor There Artist Collective. Between borders in flight inspires the name "...here nor there..." ..a thematic and metaphoric focus for the international collaborations for exhibitions and events that the collective instigates or is invited to participate within.

Limbo is a group of six musicians, all committed to music that is improvised, open-ended and spontaneous. Limbo believe that the experimental musicians of the '70's- Can, Miles Davis and others- opened up a territory that is still largely unexplored.

Mircan is a Mingrelian singer songwriter based in Istanbul, Turkey. Collaborations include work with British post jazz quintet Limbo.

Modisti New Music Online is an interactive virtual environment for new music promoting experimental music, it’s performers and the public alike.

Netpraxis is the portfolio website for artist, designer and programmer Neil Jenkins.

hervé perez - Improviser, sound and visual artist, hervé performs spontaneous compositions with a saxophone and laptop, using processed field recordings.

O-Town Media (Richard Lainhart) - inexhaustible composer, filmmaker and teacher whose works inspired multiple generations of electronic musicians and digital media artists throughout the world, passed away on December 30 near his home in New City, NY. He was 58.

Radio 2 SER (Sydney Educational Radio) are an interesting community radio station in Sydney.

FBi Radio is another great community radio station in Sydney featuring shows such as Ears Have Ears and Utility Fog.

Resonance FM is Londons premiere art radio station run by the London Musicians Collective.

Sense-Aware Lab for Interaction Design, Interactive Data Sonification, Physical Computing, Pervasive Computing, New Musical Interfaces + Experimental Sonic Interaction, Wearable Computing and Situated Media Installation. University of Technology Sydney.

Sodacake is the alias of Damian Castaldi and Solange Kershaw who are innovators in sound and installation art as well as running Loopspace Gallery, Newcastle.

Stasisfield is a great experimental mp3 record label and online art gallery.

Synch Non Synch is the site of guitarist and sound artist Mark Francombe

UCM Production is the label run by Mircan Kaya releasing left of centre high quality albums.

Utility Fog - weekly radio program featuring postfolkrocktronica, from granular pop to orchestral breakcore and beyond... Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.