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These tracks represent a cross section of my musical output, from improvisations, studio recordings and soundtracks. Some of these recordings are available to purchase by contacting me through the site.

Oceans between Sound - Ethernet Orchestra
Pueblo Nuevo
Released 01/03/2020
Cat No. pn150

Oceans between Sound is a new double album of live telematic improvisations by the Internet music ensemble Ethernet Orchestra, published by Chilean net label Pueblo Nuevo. It is a major body of work that covers a 5 year period of the ensemble’s located and online performances. These freely improvised pieces are inspired by the ebb and flow of network data, as a metaphor for the world’s oceans separating the members of the ensemble, and their geographically displaced lives. It is free to download from the link below.


The album includes performances by internationally acclaimed improvisers including; guitarist Chris Vine, best known for his work with Elliott Sharp, Bobby Previte, and Bob Boilen in the downtown music scenes of New York and Washington D.C.  Trumpeter Roger Mills who came to prominence during the 1990s with his work with the Bristol-based free jazz ensemble SpaceWays and trip-hop collective Statik Sound System (Cup of Tea Records) as well as Grantby (MoWax). World renown Moorin Khuur player and throat singer Bukhchuluun Ganburged, and the late Richard Lainhart who worked and performed with John Cage, David Tudor, Steve Reich, Phill Niblock, David Berhman, and Rhys Chatham.

Mirror Image - nada
Linear Obsessional Recordings

Released 14/12/15
Cat No. LOR 074D

Debut album featuring Hervé Perez (saxphones) and Roger Mills (trumpet). The album features a series of intricate free improvisations recorded in Braunschweig, Germany during Club Instabil performances 2015. Released through Linear Obsessional Recordings, London, United Kingdom.

Artwork and sleeve design Arman Shokrollahzadeh Haghi


nada web

Diaspora - Ethernet Orchestra
Pueblo Nuevo (Chile)

Released 16/12/14
Cat No. pn 094

Edited and Produced by Roger Mills
Mastered by Chris Vine

"Diaspora" is the debut album from Ethernet Orchestra, an Internet based music ensemble founded by Roger Mills that explores the performance of intercultural tele-improvisation. It is a compilation of live freely improvised vignettes from performances recorded between 2009-2014. It features musicians from a diverse range of cultures and musical traditions performing simultaneously between Iran and Australia via North America, Canada, Brazil and Europe.

During this period we also had the great fortune to collaborate with the late Richard Lainhart, who is featured on many of the recordings. Ethernet Orchestra would like to dedicate this album to Richard, whose passion and generosity touched us all, and his music continues his presence in our lives. Thanks also goes to Richard's wife, Caroline Meyers for the sleeve design.

The album is free to download from the netalbel Pueblo Nuevo.

Ethernet Orchestra have also collaborated with networked VJs Helen Varley Jamieson, Neil Jenkins, Graziano Milano and Michael Szpakowski who have mixed live cinematic visual collages to a number of our performances in the networked A/V platform VisitorsStudio. These can be viewed here.

More information on the album here.

Antipodesia - Roger Mills
UnCatalogued Music

Released March 2007
Cat No. UCM003

Debut solo album released through UCM Productions in March 2007. Antipodesia is a mix of ambient jazz and melancholic soundtrack in a sonic playground of looping brass drones, processed trumpet, flute, voice and location specific field recordings.The compositions were created from recorded improvisations during live performances in Europe and Australia with additional studio manipulation and embellishment. See audio player for excerpt.


Chain D.L.K

Todays Zaman


UnCatalogued Music

All albums recorded and produced by Roger Mills, except OUTIM recorded by Jim Barr, Bristol, UK.

Sâlâ and Kul Mircan
Released 2006
Cat No. UCM002

Kul / Ashes Mircan
Released 2007
Cat No. UCM001

Numinosum Mircan with Limbo
Released 2008
Cat No. UCM004

Once Upon a Time in Mingrelia (OUTIM) Mircan with Limbo
Released 2008
Cat No. UCM005

Mircan - Sala

Recording, production and performances on four acclaimed albums by Turkish singer, songwriter Mircan Kaya. Kul/Ashes and Sala were recorded in Istanbul. Numinosum and OUTIM (Once upon a time in Mingrelia) was a collaboration with British post jazz quintet Limbo, recorded and produced in Bristol, UK with additional bass by Jim Barr (Portishead). UCM (UnCatalogued Music) is a label based in Istanbul dedicated to quality cross genre music.

Mircan Kaya

UCM Production


Numinosum Review

Sonata for Trumpet & Traffic - Roger Mills

Trumpet + Traffic

Trumpet and Traffic is an acousmatic composition based on manipulated recordings of urban traffic, street ambience and trumpet improvisation.

Field recordings of Bristol's M32 traffic junction were chosen for their inherent tonality, rhythm and timbre inspiring a three part trumpet improvisation.The resulting composition was selected for 2007 New Media Scotland DRIFT Radio and Resonant Cities CD compilation, and has been played on various national and net radio stations.

Trumpet + Traffic video excerpt from Trumpet+Traffic (QuickTime, 1.8Mb)


Celluloid Dreams Sawtooth
Incidental Recordings

Cat No. Inc 001

Sawtooth Sawtooth

Celluloid Dreams - Sawtooth
Incidental INC 001

Concrete Dream Sequence
Red in a translucent world
Space Freight
Lift to the scaffold


Celluloid Dreams is the debut album from Sawtooth UK, featuring roger Mills (processed trumpets), Helen Jenna (flute) and Jay Johns (Sitar, tabla, guitar and music box). Sawtooth combine influences from Kraftwerk, Harry Parch and Pierre Henry as sculpted electro acoustic music that jettisons you into a world of surreal mind cinema. This album is no longer available. Please contact for further information.

Sawtooth Website

Limbo Seven types of ambiguity Limbo
Austral Recordings, Bristol UK.

Released 2005 & 2006
Cat No. Ast 001, Limb 001


Experimental improvisation at its most melodic. Limbo are UK based six piece and without mentioning names, feature a whose who line up of Bristol music. Both albums are are as eclectic as they are accessable with Bitches Brew / Silent Way overtones.


Spaces in Time Roger Mills
Robot Opera, Canada.

Released: 05.23.05
Cat No. ROP-001


Debut release for Canadian net label Robot Opera, Roger Mills' 'Spaces in Time' are concrète compositions produced from manipulated field recordings transformed into four accousmatic compositions traversing a wide area of experimental sound art practice. This release is free to download, for further details follow link below.

Robot Robotopera

Siren Eludea


Eludea album Art Eludea Album art

Siren Eludea
Cat No Kord 001 - Kordula Records

Taking Me Over
Blue Sky
Riva [mp3]
Laughing Stock
I Cry You Cry
Blue To A Scene

Eldea's debut album written and produced by Roger Mills, Hannah Bristow and Marc Day in the spring of 2002. The album was produced from studio live recordings written over two years and includes performances by Radio Head strings supremo Jon Matthius, DJ Alpha Proxima [breakbeat culture] and Paul Wigens [Grand Drive / Blue Aeroplanes].


'Well crafted, memorable songs that have an intensity to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.' Steven Dalton – Melody Maker


Between Borders - Here nor There
HNT Recordings

Here nor There Here nor There

Between Borders-Here nor There
HNT001 - Here Nor There

Mingrelian Lullaby [mp3]
Lexicon Electra
War time
Neimals [mp3]
Fur Immer
In Meiner Herzen
Mingrelian Lullaby Dub


Debut album by the here nor there collective featuring Roger Mills (UK, Australia) Medea Tsulaia, Keti Nikoladze (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia) & Natalie Deseke (Hanover, Germany). Inspired by the notion of borderless cultural worlds, the tracks mix and create new musical genres in much the same way. Written during the collectives many international residencies & performances, the album echoes melodies and rhythms that transcend the nation state.

Title track, Mingrelian Lullaby was also featured on UK Compilation Underwood Audio II, Saatchi Underwood Gallery, London 2002.


A Space Of The Imagination Here Nor There
HNT Recordings

Here Nor There Here Nore There

A Space of the Imagination Here Nor There
CD002 - Here Nor There

City Peacher
Lex Dub [mp3]
Bristol Concrete
Moma Biento featuring poetry by Alyson Hallet
Solo Voice of Keti Nickoladze
Composition For Waterphone
Wall Have Ears
Into the Deep
Mingrelian Lullaby dub
Fur Immer
Theme 2 featuring chat with DJ Derrick

Eclectic mix of ambient dub and sound art written and produced by Roger Mills for the collectives gallery show at Kibla Media Centre, Slovenia in September 2002. Includes abstract reworkings of tracks featured on 'Between Borders' as well manipulated field recordings from New York, Athens, Bristol, Tblisi & Hanover.


Walls Have Ears Roger Mills
PVA Arts & SWIPE 200, Dorset, UK.

Released December 2000
Cat No. PVA 01

Walls Have Ears Walls have ears

Walls Have Ears

Looking Back
Researching the Stone
Brimful of Ashla
Walls Have Ears
Do Da Digerati
Wild West [mp3]


A cinematic audio journey inspired by the life and stories contained within the walls of the two hundred year old Literary & Scientific Institute, Bridport. UK. The title track is created from field recordings taken over long periods of time in the basement of the building, capturing nocturnal ambiances and hinting at the metaphor of latent long lost conversations. The album also features orchestrated haunting melodies in a mix of piano, processed trumpet, melodica and cello.

Commissioned by PVA for the Swipe Festival 2000.

Project Website and video by Neil Jenkins.


Cat No. UCM 003